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Fall 2017 STEP Awards Announced

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For the Spring 2018 STEP cycle, twenty-three (23) awards totaling $477,403.89 were funded by the University of Louis

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For the Fall 2017 cycle, twenty-one (22) awards totaling $572,329.61 were funded by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP). Of the those proposals funded, six (6) will have an annual sustainability fund impact of $36,015.68 (average $6,002.61/project). Two (2) of the seven (6) "sustainable" projects were SMART Classrooms/TEC rooms [a total of four classrooms] and the remaining were network/wireless infrastructure and hardware and software updates for instructional labs on campus.  SMART Classrooms and TEC rooms continue to be very popular with our students and are aligned with the new University Strategic Plan.

The highest rated (by the STEP Council in rank order H-L) proposals for the cycle included: Two SMART Classrooms For the Dept. of English; Standardization of ODS Computer Lab; Bring Rotary Evaporator for Sample Preparation to Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Courses; Upgrading a Molecular Biology Teaching Lab; Chemical Reactions with Light: UV Lamps for Photochemical Experiments in Organic Chemistry Labs; and Fletcher Hall Auditorium Digital Lighting Upgrade.  Funded grant scores ranged from (H-L) 6.25 to 5.38 with an average score of 6.09. Other interesting awards included: FGM 102 and FGM 214 Interactive Classroom Enhancement; Cognitive PSYC Instructional & Experimental Lab Upgrade; Whiteboards for Montgomery Hall; Building a modern technology lab for aquatic ecology courses; Enhancing Instructional Skills of Fitness and Physical Activity Professionals Using Multimedia Technology; and Compound Microscopes for Teaching Laboratories in the Department of Biology. 

The following table and graph illustrate this cycle's awards by College/Division and budget by category:

Awards by College/Division:

College/Division Awards
College of Sciences 7
College of the Arts 4
College of Education 4
College of Liberal Arts 2
College of Business Administration 1
Information Technology 1
College of Engineering 1
Office of Disability Services 1
College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions 1

Award Budget Summary:

Fall 2017 Award List