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Other Important Information Technology Initiatives

In addition to the projects and initiatives explicitly mentioned in other articles such as the Network Enhancement Project (RAILS/TIES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and the University Wireless Initiative, University Computing Support Services (UCSS), Enterprise Application Services (EAS), Network Services and the Information Technology Security Office (ITSO) are currently working on several key "road map" projects that will enhance our infrastructure and provide a solid foundation for developing future services for our students, faculty and staff.  Although all of these projects are on the short/intermediate-term planning horizon, many are dependent on resource allocations (both financial and staff).

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)*
  • Active Directory Integration/Consolidation [Directory Integration/Consolidation, Mac Integration]*
  • ERP Maturity*
    • ​Elevate Implementation*
    • Advise Implementation*
    • CRM Advance Implementation*
  • Off-site backup [Installation, configuration, setup, EAS Backups, Network Services Backups, UCSS Backups]
  • Office 365 Rollout*
  • ClearPass Implementation*
  • Standard PC/Laptop Refresh
  • New Information Technology Service Management* 
  • Digital Signage Service Development*
  • Infrastructure Virtualization Project*
  • IT Managers/Coordinators Meetings*
  • IT Manager/end user empowerment
  • IT Data Center Resiliency Project*
  • Server Consolidation/Management Services*
  • Mobile Applications*
  • Campus Construction Projects [New CATV/Voice/Data Contract, New Housing, Other Campus Facilities]*
  • Policy and Procedure Enhancements*
  • Security [Workstation Administrative Access, Data Classification, Access Controls]
  • Ongoing Sustainability Upgrades (Labs & SMART Classrooms)*
  • Managed Applications Deployment
  • Faculty/staff self-service hosting environment
  • Build and develop a network operations center (NOC) in Stephens Hall that leverages other roadmap projects such as the IT Data Center Resiliency Project, on-going renovations to Stephens Hall, RAILS/TIES infrastructure, and monitoring tools (both current and future).

* Resources available and project underway.  Projects in bold have been completed or are currently in progress.